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GDPR Training packages for one and all.

The ICO makes it very clear that training is a big element of GDPR and that it should be an ongoing action taking place up to twice a year.

We recognise that not everyone is the same, in that the starting point of training can be different but one thing we do believe is that the training must answer the question “what do I need to do differently in my role under GDPR”.

Our training answers this question no matter what team within a business you work within. With this in mind we have built a choice of packages:

  1. General Training
  2. Bespoke Training
  3. Refresher Training

All this from just £99 + VAT per person

From just £99 upwards pp + VAT

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Some of the businesses we’ve helped:


Simon helped train all our staff from the headmaster to the support workers in the essentials of GDPR, a great help.


It’s essential a business like ours is compliant with the regulation as our customers expect it from day one. PMA helped us become compliant which meant we could pitch for further projects and attract more customers.


I didn’t think we had any data but PMA explained staff data is included within the GDPR parameters. Help with our security and policies was provided helping us on the road to compliance.


We were having conversations with the ICO about complaints and possible breaches, we bought Simon in as our DPO and he helped resolve the customer issues and liaised with the ICO to ensure no fines were administered on us.



As MD of my business I was spending too much time working through GDPR without moving forward much, PMA were able to pick up the reigns and move us forward to a good level of compliance within the business.


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When you have contacted us you will be asked a few simple questions which will help us understand the kind of help you need and even a rough idea of costs and timings.

Packages to suit your need

Package 1 – General Training

This is a 3.5 hour session delivered either face to face or through zoom for up to 10 participants giving an overview of the regulation and how it effects a business day to day work.

Package 2 – Bespoke Training

A 3.5 hour session delivered either face to face or through zoom for either Marketing, HR, IT, Call Centre , Directors and Senior Managers. Bespoke training focused on your role within a business and the impact of GDPR with maximum team sizes of 5

Package 3 – Refresher intermediate

So you know a bit about GDPR or maybe you think you know everything. This 2.5 hour session updates you with the regulation since Brexit and what the changes mean to your business and the likelihood of further changes.

Package 4 – Refresher Advanced

You might be a DPO or in charge of GDPR within a business but you don’t have the time to keep abreast of all the changes being made to the regulation. This 3 hour course updates you on the specifics of the regulation to ensure you are fully up to date with all the changes i.e. Brexit and Standard Contractual Clauses.

Frequently asked questions…

I've already bought a cheap online course, why do I need yours?

I come across quite a ot for GDPR, I’m afraid GDPR is not all about ticking a box or receiving a certificate, it’s about Accountability and you living it during your work day – because if you don’t, then breaches may occur.

I have a call centre who needs training.

Our training packages can be made bespoke to a specific team picking up on those areas of the the regulation relevant to them.

I have my top table of directors who need an overview

Not a problem – we provide training to directors of businesses and those with alot of knowledge around the regulation. By the end, everyone will be on the same page.

You may have specific questions relating to your own experiences or a general query relating to data protection,

Get in touch with Simon today for the answer.

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